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Require A New PC ?

Let us custom build a PC which meets your exact needs using the best component available. Why restrict yourself to an off the shelf package with features you do not require when you can have exactly what you need!

Beware that "mass market" PCS are often "bundled" with inferior or out of date peripherals; monitors, speakers, scanners, games, software etc. They usually have "recovery" CDs rather than full installation software which keeps the price down but can also mean that you are unable to reload the operating system software without deleting your data from the hard drive! Many use "special" components that are exclusive to the brand; these can be difficult to obtain and prohibitively expensive, should the need for replacement ever arise.

We can transfer data (documents, emails, address books, pictures, and personal settings) from your old PC to your new PC. We can do this even if your PC is "dead", provided that your hard drive is not broken.

Require a PC Now ?

We can also supply a number of PC, Latops and other peripherals from stock.  

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Friendly Efficient Service

"The service was very efficient and very friendly. He even fitted in with my work, coming out in the evening and returning my computer on a Saturday morning. I think I would have struggled to find a comparable service."

Francis J. Knight FCA
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