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PC & Network Solutions


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Services We Offer

We provide professional help in your office or at home. Call us in and relax; you now have 30 years experience working for you! Whether you use your computer for business, personal development, education or leisure, you can enjoy levels of IT service that were previously available only to users who worked in large organisations supported by an internal IT department. Now you can rely on us to be your personal IT Department.

You can make use of our services by calling us whenever you need assistance. If you prefer, we can discuss the benefits of a planned and managed service and tailor a solution that fits your needs and budget.


  • Design, build and install PCs, Servers and networks
  • Repair PCs including laptops and insurance claims
  • Remove Viruses, pop-ups, spyware, adware etc..
  • Internal valeting, check/replace cooling fans
  • Audit PC and advise on suitability for upgrades
  • Supply complete multi-site IT business solutions
  • Install hardware and software upgrades
  • Maintenance - ensure performance and reliability
  • Install broadband, email accounts, remote access
  • Data backup, recovery, security, training

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Computer Tips

Backup Your Computer Regularly

Backing up your computer is important to stop your files from being lost.

Protect against Viruses

Install a anti-virus software to protect against computer viruses and loss of data. We recommend Malwarebytes. Read More »

Perform a System Defragmentation

Disk Defragmenter is a system utility for analyzing local volumes and locating and consolidating fragmented files and folders. You can also defragment disks from a command line using the defrag command. Read More »

Friendly Efficient Service

"The service was very efficient and very friendly. He even fitted in with my work, coming out in the evening and returning my computer on a Saturday morning. I think I would have struggled to find a comparable service."

Francis J. Knight FCA
The Print Partner practice

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